The world is too heavy, too big for my shoulders, can't take the weight of me now.

Andrew Garfield for Elle magazine Japan (April 2014)


[a left boob appears within arm’s reach]

chris evans:


Quotes from the Harry Potter Books [37/50]

Countdown to Mockingjay Pt.1: Black and Whites of Josh Hutcherson-Day 206/325

Countdown to Mockingjay Pt.1: Black and Whites of Josh Hutcherson-Day 206/325


► Name ➔ Kayla
► Birth place ➔  CO
► Hair color ➔ light brown
► Age ➔ 16
► Eye Color ➔ light green
► Birthday ➔ March 28th
 Gender ➔ F
► Lefty or Righty ➔ righty
► Single or taken? ➔  single 
 Happy? ➔ kinda

► Are you in love ➔ with Sebastian Stan
► Do you believe in love at first sight ➔ no
 Who ended your last relationship ➔ what relationship
 Have you ever broken someone’s heart ➔ not that I know of
► Are you afraid of commitments ➔ a little yeah
► Have you hugged someone within the last week? ➔ yeah
 Have you ever had a secret admirer ➔ lol when I was like 6
► Have you ever broken your own heart? ➔ yes
► Do you usually spend Valentine’s Day alone? ➔ yup
► Short or long-term relationships? ➔ long-term

► Love or lust ➔ love
► Lemonade or iced tea ➔ lemonade
► Cats or Dogs ➔ dogs
► A few best friends or many regular friends ➔ few best friends
► Television or internet ➔ internet
► Pepsi or Coke ➔ coke or both idk
► Wild night out or romantic night in ➔ romantic night in because I like sweat pants too much
► Day or night ➔ night
► Text or Call ➔ text
► Make-up or au naturel? ➔ au naturel bc I’m lazy as heck

 Been caught sneaking out? ➔ no
► Fallen down/up the stairs? ➔  yes
 Wanted something/someone so badly it hurt? ➔ yes
► Prank called a store? ➔ no
► Skipped school? ➔ yes
► Wanted to disappear? ➔ yes
► Spent all your money? ➔ no
► Met a celebrity? ➔ eh
► Been really ill? ➔ yes
► Gotten high? ➔ no


► Smile or eyes ➔ both but i think eyes
 Light or dark hair ➔ dark
 Shorter or taller ➔ taller
► Intelligence or attraction ➔ attraction and some intelligence, idk i think I want to be smarter than them though

► Hook-up or relationship
 ➔ relationship
► Funny and poor or rich and serious ➔ eh i think funny and poor
► Mac or PC? ➔ PC
► Chapstick or lipstick? ➔ chapstick
► City or country? ➔ country or country borderline city
► Driving or walking? ➔ driving

► Last phone call? ➔ my mother
► Last song you listened to? 
➔ Rubiks Cube - Athlete
► Last thing you ate? ➔ Canitas Tacos
► Last thing you drank? ➔ water
► Last place you were? the mall
► Last kiss? idk never 
► Last picture taken? ➔ idk
► Last outfit? ➔ t-shirt and shorts
► Last purchase? ➔ no idea
► Last argument/fight? ➔ with my mother

friends meme: 5/7 episodes · the one with the embryos 

"No! Put that box down! We are not going anywhere! This is my apartment and I like it! This is a girl’s apartment! That is a boy’s apartment; it’s dirty and it smells. This is pretty. It’s-it’s so pretty! And look, and it’s-it’s purple! And I’m telling you, you with the steady hand, I am not moving, and now I have got the steady hand."